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Coxinha The Most Authentic Brazilian Street Food

Brazilian cuisine has something for everyone, especially if you like chicken, fried food, and fried foods with chicken and cheese. If you’re not craving these sweet and savory delicacies now, it’s because you haven’t try it yet.

Authentic taste

For over a decade, Petisco Brazuca has been bringing the heart of Brazilian street food cuisine to the streets of New York City. This beloved brand has perfected the art of making coxinhas (CO-SHEE-NYA) – a savory dough shaped like a chicken thigh, traditionally filled with seasoned shredded chicken, then battered and fried until golden, that has captured the hearts of New Yorkers.

Boasting three permanent locations across the city, Petisco Brazuca has become synonymous with authentic Brazilian soul and warm hospitality.

Street food

Petisco Brazuca’s journey from the founders apartment’s kitchen to a citywide sensation is a proof to the universal appeal of its mouth-watering coxinhas. Petisco is part of the iconic Smorgasburg, the U.S’ largest grastronic open air market and it was the first Brazilian Food vendor at the aclaimed Bryant Holiday Market, which has transformed it into a phenomenon.

The unique taste and quality have not only garnered a loyal customer base but also attracted the spotlight of prestigious media outlets, Petisco has been featured on Forbes, The New York Times, NY Post, and Eater, among others, which have cemented it reputation.


Petisco Brazuca’s expansion throughout New York City marks a thrilling chapter in the brand’s story of success and cultural fusion. With the opening of new locations, each buzzing with the energy and flavors of Brazil, the company celebrates its remarkable journey and the milestones achieved. The Petisco Brazuca team beams with pride for their hard-earned recognition, feeling a profound connection with the new york community.

Their joy reflects on the bustling stores and satisfied smiles of patrons savoring their coxinhas, a true testament to their commitment and passion for sharing authentic Brazilian street Food culture.

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