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Coxinha The Most Popular Street Food In the World

Brazilian cuisine has something for everyone, especially if you like chicken, fried food, and fried foods with chicken and cheese. If you’re not craving these sweet and savory delicacies now, it’s because you haven’t try it yet.

Authentic taste

Founded by Vanessa Oliveira e Ricardo Rosa, Petisco Brazuca is the New York’s first Brazilian snack shop stablished in the heart of Brooklyn since 2013. Petisco thrives on its unique soul, aptly represented in the brand’s orange and black accents, brazilian original ingredients and creativity.

Petisco is the house of the authentic Brazilian street food, specialy Coxinha, a popular food consisting of chopped or shredded chicken meat, covered in dough, molded into a shape resembling a drumstick, battered and fried.

Street food

In 2018 Petisco has become part of Smorgasburg, the largest outdoor food market in U.S and Urban Space, one of the most important food hall organizations in New Yorkt’s. It helped the company to be featured in U.S street food market. In addition to its original location in Brooklyn, Petisco has also opened five new popup shops in partnership with Smorgasburg ( World Trade Center, Williamsburg,
Prospect Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Jersey City).

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